Julia Gillard | Changes coming thick and fast

We have a new PM, a woman as well, first time ever and a Leftie at that. Or so Ive heard down at the pub, which is full of Westie Lefties, so they should know. I know this also because they are never at work, think the pub should provide free beer as well as health insurance and are outraged by how little beer they can buy with their dole money.

The boys club in Canberra must also be kaking themselves, the changes have started in earnest, and Im not talking policy here. On her first day in the job, Sky News was reporting SIGNIFICANT and UNEXPECTED change in Canberra, both within Parliament and outside. Such big news, the Kaksak went to investigate:

The traditional greeting of a handshake between Prime Minister and Opposition Leader has been a handshake for over 200 years, was changed as Parliament resumed this morning.Below is a re-enactment of Julia greeting Tony outside parliament house. (Warning, do not try this at home). Julia later said during question time that PMS was not a factor and this is how she greets all the men in her life who she really respects.

Julia Gillard greeting Tony Abbott

In the afternoon session when Tony Abbot got up to speak, the Speaker, or Mr Speaker as he affectionately called stopped proceedings thinking there was a mouse loose in the house, but then realised it was Tony Abbot starting question time.

MasterChef, a favourite amongst politicians had their new posters up all over the place.

New Masterchef outfits

Julia also this afternoon made a couple of calls to her old mates who did the school reno’s, got them to Canberra quick smart and $4million later the toilet in Kevin Rudd’s old office was more to her liking.

Toilet seatc chained doan

We all know of the so called Canberra mile. More porn than the rest of Australia combined. Same stuff different night in Canberra last night, with some subtle changes. That is not Kim Beasley on the table in case you were wondering, he is the US Ambassador. it is John Faulkner, his new job as a result of Rudd support. Stephen Conroy is out of view collecting empty glasses.

New Canberra Entertainment

Finally, late this afternoon the Brumbies got to show off their new uniforms for next season.

New Canberra Raiders outfits

Last we heard was that the cabinet was off to see “Sex and the City” tonight and then early to bed with a slab of chocolate and some nice herbal tea.