Springboks v All Blacks (Tri Nations)

So the All Blacks are playing the Springboks and at half time the score is 60 nil to the All Blacks.

The All Black team, keen to get to the pub call Richie McCaw into a corner and ask if he will play the remaining half on his own, since he is the Captain so the rest of them can go down to the pub and have a beer and that he should join them after the game.

Richie agrees and 5 minutes after the end of the game he arrives at the pub as agreed. Dan Carter sees him and yells “What was the final score Ritchie?”

100 – 3 We won he yells back…

WTF! says Dan Carter. How did the Springboks get 3?

Ritchie looks a tad embarrassed and says sorry, I got sent off with 20 minutes to go….

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