Valentines Day no nos

Things you should not be saying or don’t want to hear on Valentines Day:

  • Shall we split the bill?
  • I’m tired, I might head home
  • I’ve lost my keys
  • I think the batteries are flat…
  • Did you bring the beer?
  • It won’t start!
  • I have a headache
  • You have a headache?
  • I think I might puke!
  • There is something I have to tell you!
  • Reminds me of Chuck Norris
  • Anything to do with ex girlfriends or boyfriends
  • Looks like it fell out my wallet, maybe at your mom’s place?
  • Can I read you this poem I wrote for you
  • This is my friend Kylie, she is starting weight watchers and wanted to come to dinner with us
  • I will be there at 6 to serenade you
  • My parents aren’t going away any more
  • Remember that video we took..
  • There is something we have to talk about

So long suckers. Enjoy Valentines Day….