A new day in NSW

Congratulations Bazza on winning the NSW state election.

Gazza texted me this morning and said the busses were definitely faster this morning when he went to shift and Toula confirmed the traffic was flowing easier when she caught a cab at 2am back from the Rocks to Bankstown last night, but she also said she was a bit pissed. She also asked who Christina Keneally was, and what all the fuss was about? Western Sydney is now a Liberal stronghold, who would have thunk? League supporters voting for a bunch of right wing capitalists. Maybe because all the Westies are Tradies, and have started their own businesses riping of the suits who are now actually the labour voters, but thats another story.

It is like there is a new political spring is in the air. Obeid, Tripodi, Unions etc. all gone. The iPad 2 is here. We are entering a whole new era.

The old signage when you entered New South Wales will have to be taken down and new signs put up today. This one still up today. What going on Bazza?

High Risk of Robery and Prostitution

The Libs also know how to party hard and started immediately. This was the Marrickville celebration early in the evening. In line with Bazza’s frugal economic policy they agreed to 1 drink each. No one really cared that it was a tight match between Labour and the Greens anyway.

Liberal Party Victory Celebrations

We love Bazza but felt he hadn’t really highlighted too many policies, in fact all he had to do was stand there, not get caught at any gay clubs, not punch any babies in the face and he would have won. In fact, a card board cut out of Bazza would’ve done it. I knew this when Gazza, the laziest bastard on the planet said he was thinking about who to vote for.

So taking what little has been said, in a nutshell this is what has broadly been promised, according to our interpretation:

  • No payroll taxes
  • No property taxes or transfer duties
  • No carbon taxes in NSW
  • Cleaning up the Taxi industry so we pay a reasonable fare and get a quality service
  • No traffic jams, if you have one you can claim compensation
  • Hospital beds for all, even if you are not ill
  • Consolidation of the Councils into 1 and the removal of all the Council Klingons state wide
  • No deals for mates, only non mates
  • New freeways, everywhere
  • More dog racing in Dapto

Finally, as Bazza is taking over, one essential requirement to get this done is technology. The Kaksak got a snapshot of Bazza’s new computer keyboard. Not sure if he has used it yet!

Oh Shit Button on Keyboard

The Kaksak would also like to say we are sorry for the Labour folk who will be out of jobs Monday, we don’t wish that on anyone, but then over the last 16 years some of you have done a really kak job and unfortunately all of you have had to pay the price. But, if Bazza can turn it around as he says he can, you should be much better off in the long run when NSW is number 1 again. Chrstina, please don’t take the Ralph offer seriously, and good luck in whatever it is you do going forward.

Any intelligent thoughts on the state election. Note we said intelligent, not spam or slanderous.