Alan Jones is on Notice

So Alan Jones has said in a semi private setting that Julia Gillards father died and to quote “of shame”. This is clearly not a nice thing to say but its not as if they were close in the first place . In response, advertisers are withdrawing. In line with our corporate jargon post we think the advertisers think the following:

What advertisers are saying: We do not endorse the comments of Alan Jones and will be withdrawing our advertising immediately from the station. He is no good, his behaviour is unacceptable and his apology cannot be accepted. We encourage all social media people to stand up and take on this fight. Get him off the air for his off air comments.  (Correction: Sorry we don’t advertise on 2GB, but if we did we would withdraw it).

What Sponsors want to say: Can you f^&k off back into your social media holes and get a life! If you are this pissed off, go to a boxing gym or take up wrestling. We didn’t know Alan was going to say stupid shit in private the whole country would be outraged by, so harden up, f$%k off and leave us alone, we are trying to make a living like everyone else in a difficult economy and behind our brands we are people too!


Notice not to notice