Carbon Tax Explained – What you need to know?

Given all the fuss abut the carbon tax, the Kaksak crew (Gazza and I) sat down and decided to explain it in pure English. First we turned to Google and found that to be of little help….

Google search for Carbon Tax


OK, so their must be a politician other than Julia Gillard that can explain this this to us. BTW do they allow booze into parliament?



OK, so moving right along, we got slightly side tracked by the hockey pokey, you put your petrol in, you put your petrol out and you shake it all about. WTF? And these people get paid by our taxes. I told Gazza this was his fault, if he paid more tax he would get better politicians, thus we are getting a carbon tax to be able to afford better politicians. Right…

So we then asked the people of Bankstown what they thought of the carbon tax.

Protest about carbon tax

Straight to the point. Thats how we like it in Bankstown. I think all the hot air did even more damage to the environment.