Harbour Bridge protest – Sydney

Reading about Mick, the father who protested on the harbour bridge, and the fact that his he ex military, looks mean and is built like a brick shithouse, as we have decided to say is “Good on ya Mick”

You just put us (Me & Gazza) in an awkward situation with the harbour bridge protest thing. Friday we headed in early to leave early, just before we walked into work we saw the traffic was rooted, so we headed to Bondi to check for sunbathing chicks and get a bite. I texted my boss at 10:00 to say the traffic was still rooted and we were trying to get there, seriously, only to find out you had cleared off at 7:22. Mate, next time they say the bridge is going to be closed for the foreseebale future, please take some saamies (Sandwiches) and stay there for the day. 2 hours ain’t a protest, its breakfast. We got kakked on big time by the time we got back to work.

Now I also read you plan to do this again. Excellent, but can you give us warning and please get a Twitter feed or similar so we can check when you have decided to stop and we can manage our day off a little better.

Also hope you get the kid issues sorted out. My brother in law is usually looking for ways to get away from the kids, but hey.