RWC Activities

If you thought you were going to the the Rugby World Cup (RWC) 2011 to leave the girlfriends and chicks at home and maybe have some fun in New Zealand. Think again, the NZ funThings you cannot in in NZ during the RWC

police, more noticeable a smart ass marketing agency with no interest in what the average tourist needs, is trying to ensure you have a sex free Word Cup. At least no sex with any Kiwi’s. We are thinking gay people might not see rugby as their sport of choice, but that that will be of no solace t the average visiting rugby fan. We understand the French supporters are cancelling in droves from this news and the English fans are not fussed as they don’t have sex anyway.

For more information on this outrage you can read about the campaign to keep the Kiwi’s pure during the world cup and how unhappy some people are here. But then it hit us and we realised why the average Kiwi might not be to fussed about this campaign.


Sheep Shaggers Unite

So Im afraid if you are going to NZ for the World Cup, and not just to watch the rugby, this might be the best NZ has to offer for you…

Slutty Sheep

If you feel this news is just too much to take and you no longer want to attend the final or semi final, we are happy to work through this with you and attend on your behalf. Just contact us with the details.

If you do however decide to attend regardless, just keep in mind the following tips:

  • Don’t make sheep jokes
  • Really don’t make sheep shagging jokes
  • Don’t mention the previous world cups
  • Don’t lend money to prostitutes, no matter what they say. They are not going to be able to pay it back , no sex no clients, no money…
  • The sheep thing really isn’t worth it, no matter what you hear!!
  • Book your ticket to NZ on Cathay Pacific.

Remember there are going to be lots of grumpy big rugby supporters walking around. This is for your own safety.