RWC – Are you Ready

Well Im off across the ditch to visit the place where the Kiwi’s come from. I say that because they all love to live and work in Australia. Other than when the rugby world cup is on ofcourse. Im also going to see if I can spot the Boknaai in training, try buddy up to Bakkies and Victor and commiserate with Bismarck. Ofcourse all this will only be possible if the boknaaing QANTAS staff do not strike, ¬†although I hear it is the customs guys that are striking so I might even be able to sneak a little something over with me to aid in my enjoyment of the RWC.

Things I will not be doing in New Zealand:

  • Enough said:

No Sheep Shagging Sign

  • The naked Haka…

Nude Haka

  • Calling Ritchie MCaw gay
  • Telling the “All Blacks are like a bra” joke, lots of support but no cup! or “WHat do you call 15 Kiwis in a room watching the RWC final? The All Blacks, or Did you hear thieves broke into the All Blacks RWC trophy room, the NZ police are now looking for a cabinet and a carpet?
  • Looking for hobbits
Wish me luck.