SMX Sydney 2011

Well, the Kaksak being ever interested in SEO, CRO, SMO, SEM and ofcourse SEX went to SMX to see what I could see and OMG some of the international speakers take themselves far too seriously LOL.

SEO Geek TattooRand (SEOMoz) and Greg (Bluegrass, I think), despite what you want us to think, I don’t think you know how Google works. I also graduated from Bootcamp to being a full attendee. Won’t confirm or deny of I paid for my ticket though.

The usual suspects were there, Dejan (The Ukranians), Bruce Clay (The serious suits), actually they had some crazy french guy there who was a hoot, and then some new blood like First Rate, Adlux, Jet Interactive and Steak Digital. Asked if I could get boerie with my SEO from Steak but they said no. Said chips? and they threw me out the booth. Fortunately the booth wasn’t that big but I did get a squishy purple bull. Not sure what to do with it but will work something out. They say you should be a purple bull, right?. WTF?

Listened to a couple of interesting talks from the Google folk on video. The guy Dennis Goodneighbour (Direct translation) from Ebay was interesting and most of the rest all bogged on in a monotone, but did have some interesting facts and experiences. Mike Motherwell is always interesting and lets it all hang out, mostly inappropriately. Well done to Barry, the bossman who put on another excellent although at times dysfunctional show. There is SMX Elite today where they are actually going to share the Google Algorithm, or so they make out. Wonder if Amit knows about this. I think just another excuse for a piss up and not happy the Kaksak wasn’t included, but such is life. You can look forward to a better Kaksak user experience as well as more rankings after all the knowledge I gained. Think I might try rank for credit cards next. Credit cards, credit cards, credit cards. there you go. Watch this space.

Some of the learnings I got from SMX :

  • A chicks in SEO bikini calendar wouldn’t sell, OK maybe a couple. Go Cindy Krum!
  • A SEO Chippendales equivalent of blokes in SEO would be a non starter. Have any of these people seen sunlight or a gym? You can also see Leigh dancing here.
  • All the geeks use Macs or think they want to
  • IE free zone, in fact you wouldn’t want to be caught dead using IE at SMX…
  • There is such a thing as an SEO celebrity, but it is pretty niche, would not advise going down this path. the groupies aren’t that great.
  • SEO groupies tend to be older white males, definitely not for me, but may work for my Gran
  • The reason you have a booth is to talk to your co workers or mates. Maybe it was the fact that I asked what I could get for 50 bucks a month that shortened the conversations.
  • Fashion is not a high priority amongst the SEO folk, but then if you never go outside why bother?
  • Jeans and old conference shirt seem standard for the real hard core SEO. You have to show you are a hardcore conference junkie, by wearing a US 2008 or earlier conference t short
  • Lots and lots and lots of coffee, always available. Makes sense if you never go out and have no social life
  • With my new knowledge I have decided to try and rank for  credit cards, ask everyone to link to you with the anchor text credit cards. Tweet about me (thanks for the tip Rand) and mentioned credit cards in the tweet. The rest of this post I will be applying the SEO tactics learnt from SMX to rank for the term credit cards…
  • Credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, Credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards

Anyway, another SMX year is done. Good conference. Credit cards, credit cards, credit cards, credit cards,Credit cards, Credit cards, oh and SMX 2011.

Find pictures of naked people here. Now try not to click. Also leaned about conversion..