SMX Sydney

Well I never. A copy of the American show in the centre of Sydney. Got the Kaksak crew off to the cheap seats at SMX Sydney on Friday. I was worried that the Hilton Hotel would think the West had arrived in the Sydney CBD, but when we walked in I figured we were over dressed. Of course if you work on the Internets no one cares what you look or dress like. Not as many companies in the expo area as I expected, but enough to get a feel. The guys from Panalysis, Bruce Clay and Reach local were knowledgeable. Didn’t know they recruited them so old these days. DejanSEO was also there but a little scary. Felt like I was meeting the Russian mafia.

Some interesting speakers as well, some definitely more interesting than others. Also met Barry Smythe the organiser who seemed like a nice enough guy and his boss Mike Motherwell. I thought the roles should be the other way around, but hey, whatever.Barry had an iPad. I tried to touch it so I could see the future, but no deal.

Was surprised to see Denis Yu there, with some of the noise around him at the moment. Seemed like a nice guy though and lots of experience. Tried to talk to Greg Boser but he is an important man and had a constant group of groupies following him. Search is not a good industry, the groupies were not good looking young chicks but mostly older while men. Go Greg….

The key things I learn’t from SMX Sydney this week.

  • Just because you know stuff, does not mean you are speaker
  • The “futurists” on search could only come up with mobile and privacy, and it took 30 minutes of my life to hear that
  • Real time search also means recorded time as we cannot all be on the web, all of the time
  • There are not that many good looking chicks in this area, but a lot of grumpy old men
  • The more you learn, you more you realize how little you know

Anyway, got some good tips from the expo folks, in fact I think better than from the sessions. Good show Barry, may even pay to attend next year. Will definitely go next year, nice vibe around the place. The latest post from SMX Sydney 2011 right here, SEO, CRO, SMO, SEM and more.