Sydney Bicycle Pathways – Kaksak Perspective

Initially I thought a whole lot of bicycles had been murdered, then I thought maybe they were trying to reduce the population of Sydney by letting them think they were on a cycleway when actually they were on a highly trafficked road, just as dangerous as it was before, but now with while bikes painted on it. A false sense of security so to speak, see pic below. WTF?


Now Ive realised the local councils haven’t got a clue, are copying each other and trying to convince us there are bicycle paths through our suburbs. Guys, these roads were dangerous before, a bicycle painted on the road is not going to change anything and I’m sure I could make up a path to ride less dangerous, without your help. So we look forward to more money being wasted in the months to come when all these little white bikes have to be removed, after someone gets run over or runs into the back of a car and sues the local council.

I asked Gazza what he thought and he said he thought the bicycles were secret messages outside houses where people with bicycles live. He said he read something similar about free wifi spots, where they mark the houses. I asked Toula what she thought and she said she thought it  showed where a bicycle had been stolen and was shocked by how many had gone missing in recent months. She thinks Joolya has gone soft on crime.

I say put them on the pavements and let the cyclists fight it out with the pedestrians, more fun to watch and more fair. Hitting a cyclist with a ton of steel just ain’t fair.

What do you think? How arbitrary is this plan?