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Kaksak HR

I went to HR to raise the following key issues with respect to my work environment and fellow workers. In Australia these are key HR issues we should all be concerned about:

  • Not having a support for my wrist, when using the computer mouse. I requested a $160 gel desktop wrist support to avoid injury immediately.
  • A lighter laptop, as carrying my 1,7kg laptop is just too heavy, so needed a 1,5kg laptop. Happy to carry a heavy bag on my back but only at training which is my time. Also my laptop was already 6 months old. Unacceptable.
  • No ergonomic set up of my screen, chair, desk and keyword at work, a disgrace!
  • Having to pay for my own cab home after attending free work dinner and drinks on a night I would have gone out on anyway. Outrageous.
  • Denying my expense claim for coffees because I was in Melbourne and not Sydney. I drink coffee in Sydney, but FFS had to go to Melbourne for work!
  • Not getting a raise and promotion every 6 months. I am awesome!

The struggle is real so I took these to Kaksak HR. This was the response:

Who gives a rats ass


I deserve better. Working for South African companies suck!