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So I went to see the Sean Roach tour this week. The show with the promise of millions to be made on the Internet. Thanks to Sean I now know that all you Kaksak readers have been free loading too long, time I monetised this site and youse all paid for my fine humour and jokes. Anyway, I must admit I was skeptical but Sean is a good showman and I think there was a lot of value in the talk. Well done. There is no such thing as a free lunch however and there are Internet packages on sale, not cheap I might add. Also quite interesting to see an older demographic present, ready to invest.

Also got me thinking about how the Internet is continually growing and really anybody can publish these days. It is just whether as Sean Roach puts it, you can get off your duff and do it. I think duff = ass. If you had no Internet knowledge this may be a good way to fast track some knowledge if you can afford it, but if you have the basics and have been on the web before, probably not for you. Some SEO limitations as well, and you are responsible for getting the traffic. Sean talks about search engines a lot but does not seem to see them as a relevant traffic driver. Maybe in the too hard basket?

So Sean, this one is for you. If you are as passionate abut the Internet as Sean is and the Kaksak crew are, the below picture is for you. Surfing the web, anywhere, anytime. Actually this is how we work at the Kaksak offices. Anyone want a job?

Addicted to the Internet

Good on you Sean Roach for coming to Australia and sharing your internet knowledge and passion. We hope you enjoyed your stay. Did you visit Bondi while you were here, I noticed you were here in summer weather. Please post pics on, obviously not of yourself. Hope all the folk you signed up are successful and achieve their online goals.

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