Christmas Meal preparations

The Kaksak just realised its not long to go to Christmas, and given this is on a Saturday and we only stop work this weekend, you’d better get started this week on preparing all your Christmas meal ideas, all you have ever dreamed of, and more. But first….

Don’t forget the tree. You cannot prepare a Christmas meal unless you have a suitable decorated Christmas tree. We did ours below, but at 2am when you think this is a good idea there are not many 2 dollar shops open to get Christmas decorations from, so innovate. Here is our tree.

Using cans as Christmas decorations

Next, remember its not just inside, but outside that also must relect the Christmas spirit. So make sure you decorate the outside of your house appropriately. This will ensure all of your Christmas recipes turn out excellently. Ours are below:

Santa lights on roof

OK, now you are ready for the Kaksaks Christmas meal ideas and preparation.

Firstly, you will need a turkey. Not Gazza’s mate Richo, a real turkey.

Gazza got ours, not sure where, but it is a big bird. Now how to roast a turkey. Easy. If you want to be real fancy, get some fries from Maccas, go just before you are ready to serve so they are fresh and decorate the turkey with these.

Next you will need some pud. We kinda like Pav here. (Pavlova for the bogans reading this). How to make Pav is here. Individuals Pavs are best then each has there own and there are no fights and trips to the hospital like last year.

A pic of Gazza making the Pav. We don’t have many cooking utencils here. This will be in the fridge for the week.

Mixing ingredients using home made mixer

Other than that, make sure the VB and box wine is cold. Prepare your toasts and then eat until you cannot move no more.

Enjoy your Christmas decorations and Happy Christmas to all of you our readers. Always remember to drink responsibly and remember those less fortunate than yourself. Merry Christmas.