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The Kaksak Contemplates Life

The Kaksak has been contemplating life, life in Bankstown and life without VB and Pokies. Life actually comes in 4 distinct bottles…Life in 4 bottles

This picture kind of captures it, except we don’t do Riesling in our house. If you can relate to this one, please Like us, Google Plus us or retweet, but don’t just sit there on your ass.

The last thing I saw

I remember nothing. This was the last picture taken on my mobile phone…

The last photo taken on my mobile

Apparently the K Mart is still under repair and there are also numerous claims from both customers and staff for injuries ranging from missing eyebrows, to toxic fume inhalation and burns to skin. The kebab shop around the corner is denying everything but they have pulled their Double chilli beef and bean kebab. No explanation given.