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Its 2am, What do you do?

Its 2am and if you are in the West! Ahem, yes…

Kulula, Funny in air announcements

At last an airline with a sense of humour. Pity QANTAS and Virgin Blue (We haven’y mentioned Jetstar because we think they suck) don’t follow suit. Oh, but hang on, we live in Australia where some idiot will want to sue for offending his grandmother or inciting criminal discrimination if an airline did this. Check out the Kulula Announcements […]

Local Council Notices

WTF? Looks like something our local council would put up. Keeps them all busy and justifies our rates…

Merry Christmas from the African Australian

Boys and Girls we hope you have been good this year and if not good, good at whatever it was you were trying to do and remember there is always next year to promise to be good and achieve nothing. So be all you can be, Merry Christmas and we hope Santa wasn’t watching. Remember […]


Some real smart people out there in advertising agency land…

Australian construction sign

The Aussies tell it like it is. Construction sign from building site. Gotta love it….. The Australian construction sites are magic. In South Africa at ant time there are 100 guys sitting on their spades, another 50 watching them and a couple of others working. In Australia the building site looks like a ghost town, […]

Kulula Paint Job – Flying 101

When I saw these I was chuffed and worried. While I know Kulula are an innovative bunch and the aircraft look pretty good, I also know a lot of airline training budgets have been cut. So if they are going to paint the flight manual on the plane surely it should be painted on the […]

Beware Sign on South African Farm

Need one for my house in Bankstown… What an angry man. Do you think someone shat on his piece of land, or maybe a couple of thousand did. Anwya, Andre, we hope life is good for you now and the dumping has stopped. Please contact us here and let us know how you are going….

Signs from around the traps

Some signs from around the traps: The last one is a little like the Kaksak offices, except these guys are working harder. Get all the funniest jokes here.