10 funny facts about BMW Drivers

  1. If you can’t see their flicker (turn light for non South Africans), check the drivers window for middle finger
  2. If your car is not a BMW, then it must be a shitbox, and you should give way to all BMW’s
  3. If car cost more than a BMW then you most likely have a small penis and should still give way
  4. BMW drivers believe BMW stands for “Bring more women”
  5. BMW drivers have more sex than Hyundai drivers, but mostly with themselves
  6. The flicker (see 1.) is there to confirm a BMW driver has already changed lanes or cut you off
  7. The far right hand lane (fast lane) is the “BMW lane” and you should stay the f… out of it
  8. BMW drivers are happy with speeding fines,
    it’s an endorsement from the state that BMW’s are in fact, very fast
  9. As a general rule, BMW drivers know Merc drivers are “old farts”
  10. If you are reading jokes about BMW drivers you obviously cannot afford one…. Life sucks

For real facts on BMW drivers you can read more here. If you are from BMW and would like to sponser the Kaksak witha  free BMW to drive then please contact us and we would be happy to write the same post but in a much more positive light. If not, keep thinking you are gods gift to women and you have large you know whats!