10 Worst Christmas Gifts of 2012

These were the worst gifts received in the Kaksak Household this year, in order of greatness:

  1. Overdue library book, awesome
  2. Hand me down undies from dad, need I say more
  3. Three pack of condoms from the ex, with the note “F… you and good luck dating in 2012”
  4. After shave from Gazza. In small letters on the back were the words “Free sample”
  5. Homemade coupon from Toula to do the dishes 1 night only in 2012
    You live here you idiot…
  6. Combined ear and nose hair trimmer. Aah, thanks mum
  7. Fake iPod which was DOA and gave my laptop a virus!
  8. Ham sandwich, WTF?
  9. Homemade porno of Gazza, by himself. Still trying to get the visuals out of my head!
  10. Keyring digital picture frame, which fell apart when opened.

Hopefully you got a new BMW, Ducatti or something from the Apple store. Christmas is now done, whats up for New Year?