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Disturbing Video

If you have lived in Africa, been to Central Africa or done some military time you may, or may not relate to this. Some funny moments in amongst some dark humour. We at the Kaksak are open to all humour and do not discriminate, especially against dark humour, so decided to publish this video.  Viewer discretion advised….

Gazza did think the part where the missile flies through the elephants butt was the funniest. I noticed some winks between him and Kylie when we watched this, so who knows what them two get up to. Me, I would rather not imagine it. Back to the video. Enjoy but don’t think we at the Kaksak condone this form of humour, It is a one off.

Real man? Sure you are….

For all you office dwelling, educated metrosexuals who trudge to work in your high powered BMW’s at the grand speed of 60kmph. All those of you who think the outdoors is walking barefoot through the Sheraton. Watch this and realise exactly how much of a naff you probably are…

Apparently no underwear was harmed in the making of this video….

You might be Julius Malema if

You might be Julius Malema if….

  • You refer to “mum” as Comrade
  • The “Struggle” is getting your ass out of bed every morning
  • You have managed to buy a multi million dollar mansion and a Range Rover on a public sector salary
  • The radio stations cannot mention your name without laughing
  • Robert Mugabe has invited you to Christmas Dinner
  • You don’t want to go to dinner with Robert Mugabe as there is no Heineken in Zimbabwe
  • You believe all whites are “bastards” or “agents”
  • White people doing empowerment deals to enrich you are not “bastards” or “agents”
  • You understand what a three thirds majority is
  • You would rather kill yourself than commit suicide
  • You have your own youtube hit..
  • there are 302,000 pages on the Internet with your name and the word “joke” on them

Keep up the good work, one of these days we will put you into the Kaksak Hall of Fame, a dubious but high honour. You can read all the best Julius Malema quotes here.

Ernie by popular demand

OK, can you all stop bugging me. Here is the famous Ernie Els video where he manages to pull the shot and swears in Afrikaans. Very funny if you like Golf and understand Afrikaans, or know someone who understands Afrikaans and can translate for you. Enjoy. We never talk like this in Australia. Ernie Els, I was shocked when I watched this. Have you been hanging out with Tiger lately? Cannot even understand the parallel. If you are watching, would appreciate some explaining young man….

Harden Up Australia

I had the unfortunate experience of heading out to the Northern suburbs yesterday. I do not as a matter of principle cross the bridge unless good looking chicks are involved. What a bunch of F…. ponsers. Not too many real cars their either. Saw 1 other Commodore and I think he was visiting. By the looks of it he was also not wanted there as a cop car was chasing him. I slunk down in the Skyline to avoid any attention, I normally sit quite low anyway and turned up the music so any coppers would not hear my dual cone, illegal exhausts. The plan seemed to work well except got a lot of dirty looks from the ponsers at the coffee chops. In Bankstown the chicks usually wave and smile, even if they are missing a few teeth.

All you see is soy latte’s, yoga, alternative medicine and cosmetic dentists. This is not the real Australia. One bunch was even offering to help the energy meridians of my body to make me feel better? I said “Mate, are you f…. serious?” Thought the guy was going to have a cardiac arrest right here and then. Never heard of such crap. We only have massages in Bankstown and then from what Ive heard, they offer additional value added services. Not help to adjust your energy lines. Get real people, and you pay for this bullshit….

People in Bankstown have real issues like mortgages, raising children and the bottle shop closing at 9pm. They once ran out of VB and I thought the place was going to get burnt down. It’s never happened since. Talking of VB, I really miss Castle Lager. Found some at the Springbok Butchery in Mowbray Road, $18 a six pack. I think you could buy a whole truck of Castle Lager in South Africa for that price. I digress…

The only response I could find to the folk from Mosman was the following video which features Chopper Read an infamous Australian Should have been called Harden Up Mosman….. Nevertheless all you Mosman people, Harden the F…. up..

This blog in no way endorses Chopper Read or his actions. So before you Mosmanites say “ooh this is outrageous, Im going to sue the Kaksak”. I say “Harden the F…. up Mosman”. I must say though Balmoral is cool. There were also some poor people there so I felt more at home. Lots of girls who could only afford a bikini bottom.