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Kaksak Gear – The Genuine Article

We thought we would share the Kaksak legend, especially for those people who have everything.  Genuine Kaksak Designs from our online shop. If you have any ideas send them through the contact Kaksak page.

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If you are standing next to your $3million mansion the lemon Kaksak attitude problem apron is perfect. If you in your corner office overlooking a multi-million dollar global corporation, the “Gaan Kak” mousepad is something you should already have. If you are hanging around in your shitty rented house in a dirty singlet the Kaksak coffee mug will help lift your socio and demographic status immediately. From babywear to braai wear interesting products for the person who has everything. All with carefully crafted precious words to remind you of your heritage and the need to not get too stressed living in a foreign land. We have tried to keep prices as low as possible, but Cafepress to an extent determines these for us.

Kaksak Designer ApronKaksak Computer Mouse MatThe Kaksak Mug

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