Bakkies Botha – Rugby Legend

Move over Chuck Norris, we fear the all knowing all seeing Bakkies Botha. In fact:
  • Bakkies  Botha is so strong he once tore a page out out of Facebook
  • Bakies doesn’t dial the wrong number, you answered the wrong phone
  • Bakkies has been to Mars, thats why there are no signs of life
  • Bakkies doesn’t flush the toilet,  he just scares the shit out of it
  • Bakkies once strangled an All Black supporter with a cordless phone
  • Bakkies invented powdered water, you just add water
  • Bakkies can slam a revolving door
  • Bakkies doesnt need a GPS he decides where he is
  • The sheep from Bakkies farm in the Freestate are the ones that provide us steel wool
  • Bakkies cannot have a heart attack, his heart is not foolish enough to attack him
  • Once Bakkies threw a boomerang and it didn’t dare come back
  • When Alexander Graham Bell invited the phone, he had 3 missed called from Bakkies
  • When Bakkies puts milk on his snap, crackle & pop, snap crackle & pop shuts the f*%k up
  • Bakkies doesn’t fart, nothing ever escapes Bakkies Botha
Go Bakkies.