Big BBQ for the Real Man

This received by email. If you don’t have one of these, you need to harden up. ¬†Any man who watches rugby, loves the sheila’s and eats meat should have one of these, no excuses. For the Saffa’s reading this, BBQ = Braai.

Large BBQ in shape of hand gun
Big Ass BBQ

10 steps to a successful family BBQ

1. Mum buys all the food

2. Mum prepares salad, vegetables and the meat

3. Mum places prepared meat next to BBQ along with cooking utencils and spices, and also a beer for dad

4. Mum stays well away from the Barbie to allow testosterone, bullshit and other bonding activities to flow

5. Dad puts the meat on the BBQ

6. Mum fetches plates and cutlery and sets the table for lunch

7. Dad flips the meat and requests another beer while mum is fetching the table settings

8. Dad takes meat of BBQ and gives to mum on serving plate

9. After lunch mum clears the table and brings dessert

10. Everyone congratulates Dad on the cooking and the wonderful meal

Dad cannot understand why mum is pissed off and thinks there is just no way to keep her happy….

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