What Bafana Bafana need to win the Soccer World Cup

We at the Kaksak, being the soccer experts that we are decided to evaluate Bafana Bafana chances of winning the World Cup. Our methodology included the following:

  • Case of VB
  • Getting some of the cousins around
  • Talking sport for 2 hours
  • All aspects of Bafana Bafana’s current game analysed using the XBox
  • The last 10 wins of Bafana were analysed to see what made them the winning team. We could however get all the tapes, they were not televising games that far back and some of the beta tapes would no longer work

We came to the statistically horrifying outcome, that to win Bafana Bafana would have to adopt 1 of the following 2 strategies:

Strategy 1 : Some minor changes to the new Soweto stadium as follows:

New proposed soccer firled for Bafana to win world cup

Strategy 2: A new team, selected below

New proposed Bafana Bafana World Cup Team 2010

We believe that logistically strategy number 2 will be far easier to implement. We have forwarded both option to Jacob for consideration. Remember where you heard it first.