You are a South African when…

You know you are a South African when….

  • You ask for the Black peppar and get the Sowetan
  • When stopped by a traffic officer, you pull out a R50 note instead of your drivers license
  • Crime is actually a profession
  • Traveling at the speed limit means you are the slowest vehicle on the highway
  • You have to hire a security guard when parking in public
  • You are still pleasantly surprised to find you car where you actually left it
  • You have your cars registration painted on the roof, and this is normal…..
  • You can go grocery shopping on the pavement
  • You can double the value of your car by filling it with petrol
  • When the robot turns green you wait for taxis to finish going through in the opposite direction
  • Both the police and the prisoners go on strike WTF?
  • The postal service is magic, most of it disappears
  • Most of the population believes showering after aids is an effective form of prevention
  • The excuse for the presidents latest love child is that he had not ruled our marrying her at some stage even though he is currently breaking the law by having 5 wives
  • You can call people “Baba” or “Chief” and its a term of endearment