You know you are South African when….

You know you are South African when:

  • You as for the black peppar and get the Sowetan
  • You hall out a R100 note instead of your license when a traffic cop stops you
  • You hire a security guard when you park your car
  • You are pleasantly surprised when you return to your car and find it “still there”
  • You can do your grocery and in fact all shopping on the pavement
  • Crime is recognised a profession
  • You think using 1 kg of sugar, 4 loaves of bread and 6 litres of milk a week is normal, and you are single
  • You can double the value of your car by filling it with petrol
  • When the robots have turned green you wait an additional 30 seconds to let all the taxis finish going through
  • Driving at the speed limit makes you the slowest vehicle on the freeway
  • You have painted your cars registration on it’s roof
  • Prisoners and the Police go on strike
  • After you change lanes, you put on your flicker just so people know you are not weaving around without purpose on the highway
  • The words flicker, bakkie and robot all mean things in the traffic world
  • The law does not apply to the President
  • Crime is not crime, unless you are caught
  • Toll free numbers do not get answered
  • When you get frustrated with an call centre employee they will put the phone down, even though you might have been on hold for 20 minutes in the first place
  • You think your t-shirts, undies and in fact all clothes are magic. They go from laundry bin to ironed in the cupboard in the same day

Oh how I miss the good old days….