FIFA World Cup – Closing Ceremony

The Kaksak is officially signing off from the World Cup, Bafana Bafana is out, the Socceroos are out and the hangover is starting. Gazza has had a sickie now for fokken 2 weeks, he has to dos every day to make up for watching kak soccer. I have been far more conscientious and going to work, but sleeping there. On Monday actually fell asleep on the train and woke up in Bondi Junction by mistake. Apparently the rich people live there but they definitely do not spend the money on food, they are all thin man. Want to see healthy burger eating people, come out west. Anyway, was moerofa late for work and got into kak with my Supe (Supervisor). I told him what happened and he said Kak man youse were late from oversleeping and watching the soccer. I showed him the bus ticket from Bondi and he said I probably got the bus there to watch it there? WTF?

I have started to see Vuvuzela’s around the traps. Who knew they would become the scourge of the sporting world. Here in Aussie they are being rebranded the Vuva, as we are fancy in Aus and have to shorten everything. Also the trademark Vuvuzela was taken. Container load arrives next month. Designed on Africa, Idea stolen by Gazza and me and made in China. Send me $10 and Ill book 1 for you. Just kidding, too scared of the authorities.

The sporting management is this country are such a bunch of fun police I reckon you were get 2 years with no parole if you blew one while watching the Wallabies. I think there is more noise and atmosphere in a morgue then watching rugby at Homebush these days. Some Vuva’s would definitely brighten up the game. Can you image the do-gooder bitching that would go on.

Wonder if Julia Gillard has one. Every politician should have one in fact, then they could blow their own horn without blowing their own horn if you know what I mean. They could also use them in parliament when a good or bad comment is made. In fact it was such a slow news day today Tony Abbott burn’t his budgie smugglers. Why didn’t they blow a vuvuzela next to him in honour of the budgie? Would have made it more newsworthy.  I think Kevin Rudd should have had one and blown it at Julia Gillard in his office every time she started talking about the #spill last week and it would never have happened! I’m wondering if they could use a vuvuzela to stop the leaking oil in the gulf. Maybe just have a guy following the BP CEO with one to constantly remind him of the oil pollution with noise pollution.

So Well done Africa on hosting the World Cup. Sorry to the Aussie tourists who got robbed by the Nigerians, but you what did you expect in Africa? Charitable Nigerians to help you with directions?

If I were a betting Kaksak, I would put my kaksak dollars on ze Germans.

Over it….