Can you speak South African?

Can you speak South African? After this weekend you might want to learn. On Sunday the mighty Bokke play the footloose Wallabies in what could be a RWC final game if the Wallabies hadn’t screwed up and lost to Ireland. The Kaksak thought it a good idea to educate you all on speaking South African in Advance of Rugby World Cup world domination…

  • You call a traffic light a “robot”.
  • You call an elevator a “lift”
  • You call the front of the car a “bonnet”
  • You call the back of the car a “boot”
  • You call a ute a “bakkie”
  • You say something is nice when it is “mooi” or you “smaaked it”
  • You call your brother “broer”
  • You call a barbeque a “braai”
  • You call your friends “China’s”
  •  “Safe” is a way of responding to a greeting
  • You can refer to talking as “tuning”
  • The word “skaap” is also a term of endearment
  • You can say “Howzit” instead of “Hi, how are you going?”
  • You call shit “kak”
  • When you threaten someone you say you will either “moer” or “bliksem” them
  • You refer to a bunch or group as a “klomp”
  • You say throw as “gooi”
  • You say “just now” in stead of I really don’t give a shit but sometime in the future
  • You refer to rugby as “THE game”
  • Another word for turd is “drol”
Try mixing and matching.
  • For an All Black fan you might say – Don’t tune me grief, jou drol your team is kak.
  • To a Wallaby fan, after Saturdays game you might say – Don’t worry China, Ill have you over for a braai sometime.
  • To an English fan you might say – Hey skaap, put you kak in your boot, don’t stop at any robots and go back to England…..
  • To a South African fan you might say – Howzit broer, I smaaked the game.
  • To a Irish fan you might say – You klomp drolle, us is going to moer you. In fact we will bliksem you and your team for beating the Wallabies and screwing up the entire Wold Cup..
Good luck with your new found wisdom but use it wisely.