The Bokke Celebrate

The Bokke are befok, they beat their near neighbours, the Namibians by a shitload. Yes truly.

The camp was so happy, some high antics were enjoyed. Unfortunately for you the X Factor TV series was filming nearby, when they heard the Bokke celebrating. They asked what X Factor the Bok team had, this was what they came up with, their new secret weapon, a winger to replace Habana called “The Boknaai”. He is not that fast, but almost impossible to stop and once dragged 23 men over the try line with him. The entire opposing team, 6 of his own players, the ref, a linesmen and a streaker who was as they as in the wrong place at the wrong time. From his own 22 to the try line it took 12 minutes. Unfortunately he is also renowned  for back chatting the TMO and usually gets a lot of yellow cards.

The Boknaai will probably make his debut in the quarters or finals. watch out for this fine rugby player. Pieter de Villiers had some anoying comment but we cannot remember it now.


The Bokke X Factor

Awesome, cant wait to the see him in action. The disguise was required to save The Boknaai from further public scrutiny.