Top posts for 2012

As voted by Gazza, Toula and myself, these are the absolute top 10 posts based on visitor counts for 2011. So looking back the Kaksak has not been that active late in the year, for that we apologise and we will try to drink less beer, eat less boerie and be more diligent in 2012. So for what it is worth. The Kaksak top 10. Don’t split your sides laughing now….

  1. 10 funny facts about BMW Drivers, you need to know!
  2. Male fairy tale – say no more
  3. The legend of Bakkies Botha, similar to Chuck
  4. You know you are a South African boy when….
  5. RWC 2011 in New Zealand activities, typical
  6. Big Saturday night out in Sydney
  7. Natal curry contest, the real deal, not the mild stew we get in Australia. The real curry lives in Durban.
  8. Batman, and the Lord of the Ring. Say no more…
  9. Too scared not to put Chuck Norris in here.
    Even at #9 we are watching for the round house kick….
  10. The funniest test to see if you are ready for kids?

All the best for 2012,

The Real Kaksak