What is na pohybel janas

No idea…

Gazza reckons its the Russians and their bot nets which are getting infected machines to query the term “na pohybel janas” on search engines so that it becomes a most searched term, then to judge the response of not only the general public but also the FBI, CIA and any other agencies that may be watching and see what their response is. As a large experiment, if they can look at the users across the web and the interest it generates they can create better spam and defraud more innocent individuals out of their hard earned cash.

So if your machine is randomly searching na pohybel janas then get your virus checker updated, scan your entire hard drive and if it is still doing it, buy a Mac. If your Mac does it then throw away your mobile phone, shut down your Internet connection and go “off the grid” because Janas just might be coming to get you.

Toula says its actually a new hairstyle she saw in Bankstown last week which requires a perm treatment combined with straightener, dye and some trimming. Just say it fast, like I want the na pohybel janas please.

So the next time you see a search geek walking down the street, look him in the eye and say NA POHYBEL JANAS! and you will very quickly smell the fear…

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