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The Americans are Angry

The Americans are an angry nation…..

Statue of Liberty

and proud of it…

Stealth bomber

Morale of the story. Don’t f$#% with the Americans…

I was watching the Discovery Channel. The Americans have weapons that can kill you before you know you are dead. I think you wake up dead. Streuth. I told Kylie about the American weapons and she said she likes Americans and wears American underwear. I said, like I do they have a flag on them? She said no, but 1 yank and they are off.

Boom Boom…

Kulula Paint Job – Flying 101

When I saw these I was chuffed and worried. While I know Kulula are an innovative bunch and the aircraft look pretty good, I also know a lot of airline training budgets have been cut. So if they are going to paint the flight manual on the plane surely it should be painted on the inside? HTF are they going to read the instructions from the inside. The lengths some companies will also go to look green (literally) and save paper!

Then I decided much like airport security it is all for show. Those clowns made me take my belt off on the way to the Gold Coast the other day. I admit the buckle is somewhat large and the lights on the buckle could be construed as electronic circuitry, but really…

When my rods fell of as I walked through the scanner I thought the guard was going to bekak himself. I started speaking Afrikaans immediately and pretended to be a tourist. I immediately bellowed apologetically “Julle fokken bliksems kan julle sekurity in julle gatte druk. Ek dink ook jy het a klein piel en jou you ma dink jy is a drol? Afrikaans is not my strong point, but half the people in the cue starting pissing themselves and an old tannie at the back look mortified. Mr Security smiled and said “Security is an important part of keeping our skies safe, thank you for your cooperation, not too worry. Please can you pull up your pants now, and in future, please wear underwear when flying.

Anyway, back to Kulula…

Kulula Flying 101 paint job

Kulula Paint job from the front

Kulula Paint job back

Actually was so inspired by this that I decided to do the same thing to my Skyline. The chick nearly shat herself, as I had “Black Box” (See above) on the passenger door. I showed her the Kukula picture and no deal. Asked my china’s and they reckoned maybe she thought it was a bit racist, being Afrcan and all. She is a blond FFS…. I obviously haven’t got a loo in the skyline even though it goes like stink, the rest of the stuff fits like engines, wing, stabiliser, big cheese and so on. Good on ya Kulula. Can you fly cheaply to Aus now so we don’t have to ripped off continuously by SAA.

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