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21km Half Marathon running tips

So the Kaksak did the Blackmores Half Marathon last week and it has taken me until now to get the feeling back in my legs to walk over the the computer to post. As a result I thought I would share some of Gazza’s and my running training learnings. BTW I did finish but ended up running the soles off my bata takkies and the more serious folk were not happy that I had some old Safari Suit shorts on a vest and I did it in just under 2 hours. Sweated out a case of Castle in the first 20 minutes and then a box of Benson & Hedges for about another 30 minutes. I was literally smokin…Anyway, I digress from this running story and the resulting tips.

Half Marathon Training Tips

1. Have a training plan. Our plan was to run, nothing really more than that. But given how sore my ass was this week, felt like I had been to Mardi Gras but that is another story, I would suggest you train, at least a little. Bupa, yes that health insurance company has an excellent training app for the iPhone. Follow this program as some of the other sucks ups I know did, and you will do the race easily. Allow at least 12 weeks minimum to train. ASICs also has a cool running site which sends you emails. we eventually marked them as spam.

2. Try not to get pissed or do stupid shit the day or night before. Instead, eat a bowl of pasta, red sauce or no sauce only, the night before and leave it as that. Save the Maccas and Kebabs for another day. Beers do not count as carbs, sorry.

3. Carry some energy gels. The kakker you feel, suck on a gel. The Kaksak, suggests running the first 5km at least gel free and then no more than 20 minutes between energy packs, but read the instructions on the pack and don’t be a dumbass. GU gels in the strawberry/ banana flavour are the best of a really kak bunch. Have a gel, followed by water each time.

4. Wear whatever you are going t o wear on a run beforehand. Dont try new stuff, especially shoes and avoid compression pants, unless you have a compression issue. Over 2 hours wear of compression stuff is not that good. You will feel it. We highly recommend Lululemon. Costs an arm and a leg but lasts, and is moer of a comfortable. No Lulu Lemon shops in Bankstown, we had to go into the city. Was worried one of the boys would see me in there, but the shop is hidden away in the Pitt Street mall and ask for Holly, she is awesome and will help youse out.

5. Don’t forget the sun screen, serious.

6. Get a spibelt. About 30 bucks from Rebel but worth every cent. Put you gels, your iPhone and any other kak in there. They sit well and can hold a lot. Don’t leave home without it when you are running.

7. If you sweat profusely, take a small face cloth with. Its light to carry and can help clear the sweat as you run. Trust us on this one. You may look like a chop but at least you wont feel like one, covered in sweat.

8. Nipple issues. Try the Blister Bomber. Dab some on before the race and you will have no chafing. I guess you could use it for chafing anywhere really, up yo you. Try supplyfitness.com.au, they sell it in Australia. When the website is working.

9. If you are going to buy a GPS watch, the Kaksak highly recommends the Garmin 610. This is way too expensive for Gazza and I. Costs about a weeks wages, but is really cool for running. Speed, time, heartbeat, configurable and touch screen.

10. Take a towel and fresh shirt for when you finish. There is nothing worse than hanging out in your smelly wet running shirt with sweaty chicks. Actually there is, its hanging out in Bankstown, but hey, still.

So thats it, take it from whence it comes. But the Kaksaks running tips are guaranteed. If you use these, and cant run, send all the gear to us and we guarantee we will use them and run the half marathon on your behalf. Especially the Garmin.