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RWC WashedUp

So long and thanks for the lack of good QFs, mainly thanks to the refs. We don’t believe Sam Warburton should have been red carded either. The Wallabies behaved like gentlemen yesterday and the All Blacks behaved like men possessed by demons wanting to win the World Cup. So good luck France, you are going to get your arses kicked all the way back to France and finals will most likely be a fizzer. But we expected that and thanks again to the Walabies for losting to Ireland and screwing up the QFs.

Not happy…. The Kaksak.


RWC Washup QF2

What a game! The Bokke based on stats should have won, the Bok supporters are complaining about the ref, but the Wallabies defense was awesome, everything else of theirs. a tad crap. Cooper was hopeless, they could not build more than 1 or phases, the Bokke had 5 of 15 phases, the Wallabies had none. The Wallaby line outs were crap with the Bokke winning most of theirs, but the Wallaby defence was awesome. 147 tackles to the Bokke 54, the boys must be sore this week.

Sad to see Smit, Matfield, Habana, Burger etc exit, who will no doubt retire, they have been a pleasure to watch. But 11-9, that was close and a the game of the tournament so far, in my little book anyway.

The All Black, Puma game was pretty much what we expected. They tried but when it comes to discipline and Wepu kicking, no excuse. The men stood up from the boys. So in fact they played the curtain raiser after the main event.

The Kaksak is looking forward to the semi final and will definitely get a semi if the Wallabies win. But no win at Eden park since 1986.

Go The Wallabies….

RWC Washup QF1

Well England have denied being on the field in the first half of the game but today CCTV confirmed in fact they were, with a mystery blond. Ball errors galore, opportunities wasted, the French, all credit to them, ignored the white jerseys, did not surrender and manager to score 2 croissants and a french loaf, convincingly beating the poms, also with a 59kg lighter pack. WTF? Martin Johnson ain’t happy. He said. “Lads,  I find this whole affair terribly disappointing” or something to that effect. The French celebrated in style with wine, cheese, escargot and some other things the Kaksak cannot print here.

As for Wales, what a team. “Oiland, Oiland” proudly sung by the fat spectators in green drinking draft by the litre quickly turned to wails in the first half when they realised that being Irish just ain’t enough, and boy are they regretting beating our treasured Wallabies. Could have had an easy game against the Bokke. The Irish team weren’t too fussed, this means an extra week in the pub.

Looking forward to the Wallabokke this afternoon. I was tipping the Wallabies but the weather could change this affecting their running game. The Bok pack is pretty solid despite our man Bakkies missing.

The Sangoma has revised his game predictions. Wales are in with a chance. No Irish were harmed in the making of this blogpost, so dont send us stupid emails to complain. We will delete them….

Springboks v All Blacks (Tri Nations)

So the All Blacks are playing the Springboks and at half time the score is 60 nil to the All Blacks.

The All Black team, keen to get to the pub call Richie McCaw into a corner and ask if he will play the remaining half on his own, since he is the Captain so the rest of them can go down to the pub and have a beer and that he should join them after the game.

Richie agrees and 5 minutes after the end of the game he arrives at the pub as agreed. Dan Carter sees him and yells “What was the final score Ritchie?”

100 – 3 We won he yells back…

WTF! says Dan Carter. How did the Springboks get 3?

Ritchie looks a tad embarrassed and says sorry, I got sent off with 20 minutes to go….

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