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Kaksak has gone mobile

Mobile Humour Blog

The kaksakkers are happy to annouce that we are mobile. Our blog is mobile ready, can be easily read on your iphone or other mobile device. For those of you who live in Bankstown with me, the Iphone is similar to what Mr Spock and Captain Kirk use when they are away from the Starship Enterprise. Not too many iphones out here but you see the skinny people in the Eatern suburbs using them alot.

Just try our blog on mobile. When you are sitting on the train or in the back of a bakkie, hair blowing in the wind. You can easily dial up the trusted Kaksak Blog and chuckle away at our legendary humour, all mobile.

Just another way we are adding value to your life.

Oh, and Im going to buy a Wifit in the morning. In fact every woman in the West should have one. In fact Medicare should make them mandatory, mail them out to all girls turning 18 and take them back before 50. Mr Rudd, please make this part of your Medicare plan. Sorry I digress.


Finally we are also on Facebook. Free membership to our Facebook page. What more can we offer to make your weekend. We need more Facebook friends who support the Kaksak way of life. Young, no chicks, no bucks, no common sense and living bloody far from the beach, in an alien land. (Bankstown). Thank goodness for the RSL, cheap beer and the NRL. What more could you want or even wish for?

Enjoy the weekend

The Real kaksak

Great Excitement – Twitter

Great Excitement here in the Kaksak offices. Just kidding, no offices, actually just a small shitty house in the Bankstown Fibro belt with 1 moer of a Internet connection. Dont try find us, we have firewall detectors, virus walls and all the modcons to ensure you cannot track us, just like the Chinese thought they had for Google. We just have better. And if you you still find us, we know you will be too chicken to come to Bankstown, the jewel of the West.

Sorry, back to Twitter.

You can follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/therealkaksak. Note this is the real kaksak, not the poser at kaksak who is squatting on our twitter name. Stay updated with posts and put the smile back on your dial.

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